Blogger Is Showing That "Your connection to this site is not fully secure"

If you are a Blogger then you may face many problems regarding your blogger site. One of the particular problem is that, When you open your Site in Chrome you may have a problem on your address bar like the "Green Lock sign" is not showing and when you click on it it will show a message like "Your connection to this site is not fully secure". Your site may have contain https:// protocol but still this type of message is showing. Now just follow the steps to solve your problem.

- During your visit to your Blogger site you may See a message like this!!

To solve this problem follow the steps given below:-


- First open your Blogger Profile And Click On "Theme"


- Now on your Theme section Click on "Edit HTML"


- Now a Screen will open like this. This is the "HTML" Code which you have to copy all


- Now to Select all the Code Press Ctrl+A and To Copy all the Code Press Ctrl+C


- Then go to your "Start Menu" and open "Notepad++". (to download Notepad++ click here)


- Now a page will open like this. Now paste all the HTML Code which you have copied from Blogger by pressing Ctrl+V


- Here all the HTML Code are pasted.


- Now Press Ctrl+H to search an item, after that a window will open like this!!


- Now on "Find what" type " http:// " and on "Replace with" type " https:// " as shown in below image.


- Now Click on "Replace All" for twice after that click on "Close".


- Now press Ctrl+A to select all the code, then press Ctrl+C to copy all the code, as shown in below image.


- Now go to your Blogger and Delete all the HTML Code by pressing Ctrl+A then Delete.


- Now paste all the HTML Code here!! by pressing Ctrl+V, which you had copied from Notepad++.


- Now Click on Save Theme.


- Now open your Blogger Site on Chrome. Then Refresh the Site or Page and click on the Green Lock Sign.
Hurrah!!!! Your Problem is Solved.
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  1. Thank you so much! My blog was https:// but kept showing unsecure. Thank you for this tutorial it worked perfectly!


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