World Environment Day 2021

Environment Day

The first terms that come to our mind when we hear the word Environment is the nature around us and our surrounding. And our surrounding includes a vast amount of people, animals, trees and resources.

So, why there was a need to celebrate a day like Environment day? Aren't we protecting our surrounding enough? Is there a lack in our conversation? Are we destroying our nature?
Yes, the answers to these questions are what you are thinking! We are not protecting our surrounding enough. Yes, we lack in conserving our resources and yeah we are destroying over nature way too much.
Environment day is celebrated on 5th of June every year by the whole world, and is specifically organized for spreading awareness among all the countries for the protection of our surrounding. It has been started as a campaign for raising awareness to deal with the problems, the earth is facing like marine pollution, human overpopulation, global warming and etc.

World Environment day has been celebrated since 1947 by 143 countries annually. The increasing rate of pollution everywhere in land, water and air is responsible for the increasing global warming.

Save Environment Save Earth

The earth provides us with a number of helpful and different efficient resources in its every corner. In simple language, our earth is providing us everything without any limit, but that doesn't mean we can take advantage of it. We got different types of fossil fuels hidden deep inside our earth. Petroleum which is also known as the ‘Black Gold’ of the resources, must be given this name, due to some specific reason.
Gold is an expensive metal whose 1gm only costs about Rs. 4,850. Now you can assume, the importance of petroleum in our industry, as it is named so. Petrol in India costs Rs. 71.00 per liter (till date). And still people use it like it's free. The mines of coal and other important resources which are found out by digging deep are decreasing due to excessive needs.

Save Water Save Earth

Our earth consumes 76% of water on its surface in total, yet we got only 2.5% for drinking use. And on that, people waste it like it's never going to end which is wrong.

Forest Environment and Impacts of Deforestation

Forests are necessary to us as they provide us with oxygen, furniture, fuel wood, fodder, medicinal plants, spices and much more. It is also home to those million species of different creatures. Those creatures are the beauty of our environment, our forest earth. Those trees and animals are maintaining a balance in our nature, which is commonly known as Ecological balance.
Natural vegetation and wildlife - What do you know about that? Do you know what kind of herbs and shrubs and trees our nature holds? How many types of forests are found in it? What kind of animal species are there in those forests? And what is the importance of their existence?

The earth holds about 60,000 species of trees and 1-2 million of animal species. There are still more left to be discovered, while some are discovered but we have no clue about their living.

Deforestation Effects and Killing Animals

Deforestation and recklessly killing animals for their skin, fur, horns and other body parts are nothing else but poison for the environment. Animal hunting is prohibited by the government, but still hunters and poachers are killing them in secret. It could only be stopped if we stop buying the products made up of animal's body parts. If the shopkeepers won't be able to sell the products, why would the factory even produce them? Not only this, we need to stop the destruction of forests and cutting down of trees in excess.

Environmental Pollution

Global warming has a very large environmental impact. It is the change in surface temperature, while climate change depicts the other changes caused by increased CO2 in the atmosphere.

Burning plastic releases harmful gases in air, which creates air pollution and is totally not fit for inhalation of people who are dealing with Asthma or other breathing problems.
The gas produced by vehicles, that black smoke from some engines is also the reason behind the growing layer of smoke and dust in our surrounding. Burning of fossil fuels releases a large amount of Carbon dioxide in nature, which also adds up to it. The heat gained from this process has created a hole in the ozone layer present in our atmosphere which protects us from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun.

It is believed if the hole created in the layer deepens, the ice glaciers formed in Antarctica would eventually melt and are capable of drawing the earth. Not only that, the ultraviolet rays are very harmful for skin and eyes too. We need to control Global warming for that, and as I said earlier, Carbon Dioxide is the biggest reason for that. So how can we control this?
The simple answer to that is by planting more and more tress, reducing cutting down of trees, and stop burning fossil fuels.
Suppose you live in a well-known metropolitan city. When you look at the clear sky at night, from your rooftop, tell me, how many stars are visible to you? 7-8 or maximum 15. But let me tell you the truth, the sky is full of stars. Not a single spot in the sky is left without stars. But you living in a city, cannot see the reality. The clouds of dust and smoke and the pollution formed in the air won't let you see it.

Save Environment

Trees and plants are the primary produces of food in our food chain. They can save the depletion of Ozone layer as they intake Carbon Dioxide from the air and prepare their food during photosynthesis and release fresh oxygen.
People washing their clothes and throwing garbage directly into ponds and river should be stopped too.

The liquid waste produced by factories and industries dumped into rivers, ponds and lakes can be stopped by controlling the discharge of chemical directly into water. The factories and industries should filter it before letting flow into marine life, or otherwise they should find another way of disposing their waste.
To save our life, we need to save our surrounding and natural environment first.

Disposing off plastic in the street, and burning them off is also something that must be stop by us. Plastic is a non - biodegradable material, which wouldn't decompose in millions of years, but has the ability to contaminate everything.

For instance, if you dump plastic in water, it could choke the pipes and form scum, and if in - taken by animals like cows and other herbivores, can choke them to death or create serious illness in them.
If you were living in a village, without any heavy vehicles around, with trees and grass everywhere, with fresh air blowing, you will find the real sky in there at night. The sky twinkling with millions of stars at night.

Environmental Issues

One of the main reason behind that black smoke from vehicle is the Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) used in them. The gas it produces, if inhaled at high concentration for even a short period of time, can cause fainting and sometimes death because inhalation of LPG vapor can cause nose and throat irritation, headache, vomiting, dizziness, etc.

So, instead of using LPG, we can use Compressed Natural Gas, also called CNG which is far more safe and efficient than LPG. CNG is a gaseous fuel, it mixes easily and evenly in air and is less likely to ignite on hot surface, since it has a high ignition temperature. And also CNG powered vehicles are considered to be safer than gasoline powered vehicles.

The liquid waste produced by factories and industries dumped into rivers, ponds and lakes, near them is very dangerous for the water bodies as well as fishes and other marine animals living in it. The chemical discharged without filtration, kills them in water and contaminate their food. The fresh water now gets impure and unfit for drinking.

Effect of Corona Virus

For now, let's think about the situation we are facing at present. Almost all the countries our mother earth are facing this widespread disease, COVID-19 which was spread from China.

This disease is so life threatening. Millions of people are dead by now due to its increasing spreading virus. The only situation to this problem was social distancing from others and so people are locked out at their own home. Schools and colleges are closed, theater and malls and every other public gathering place has been locked down for avoiding social interaction.
As a result, factories and industries stopped. Vehicle and other public transport and are at rest since more than two months. People are staying home and working home which is reducing the amount of energy used in vehicles.

Do you have any idea, how beneficial all this came out for environment? Factories stopped their work, so this somehow reduced the contamination of air and a water. Less number of vehicles are moving out, which has reduced the amount of heat and smoke production.

As nothing big can come up, the cutting down of trees has been stopped, instead people are staying home and gardening now.

Effect of Lock-Down

You know what! This lock-down has helped control the ozone layer depletion. As global warming is under control, the hole created in ozone layer has almost covered up. This virus saved our earth for another 100 years form clearing up.

But this is not the end, we need to understand the importance of our nature, our environment. We have to protect and secure it for our upcoming generation. We need to conserve our resources for us as well as our youth and their generation.

Environmental Management System

Write to your government for knowing what their plans in conserving the environment are. Find out what helps can you offer.

Talk out with your friends and neighbors. Conduct a meeting about carpooling. Try to save up energy by travelling together and dropping each other on your respective places of work. Start something new to save your environment.
Using water properly at home can add up to a significant difference and conserve water in a long run. Turn off your tap when you are brushing your teeth. Use a bucket and a mug instead of taking shower. Use water mindfully while washing dishes. If you see water running without any reason, turn the tap off immediately.

Environmental Protection

Everybody keeps their house clean, why don't we think our land as our house room? Let's keep it clean and beautiful too!

We can help our environment by doing numerous activities.

Plan a cleanup. Get together with your friends and start cleaning your area. Don't leave anything, parks, lakes, or any other place.

Get outside and enjoy your nature, cycle around with your friends, organize picnics with people, enjoy meeting new people in some natural activities.

Walk instead of using vehicle. Walking is great for your health as well as our nature. Consider the places you often go - school, collages, offices and other places. Try to find out a way by which you can walk up to these destinations, let it be for once or twice a week.
Save more energy by switching your normal bulbs to LED bulbs. They consume less energy and produce less heat and are also safe for eyes too.

Buy energy efficient appliances. When possible, choose ENERGY STAR - rated appliances which would consume less energy but would gradually make you pay short bills.

Keep your fridge coils and AC vents clean. Keep them in check regularly. By this, they won't consume much energy for keeping themselves cool from the excessive heat produced.

Recycle e-waste! Think about your electronic devices like laptops and smartphones that are of no use now. Instead of throwing up these devices into dust bins, you can recycle them.

Shut off these devices regularly. Try to save up electrical energy. Switch off the lights and fans which are not in need. Check all the rooms of your houses, before going out. Try to save up your mobile battery, spend some time with your family, by putting it on charge all night long.

Use biodegradable products instead of non-biodegradable. Use paper over plastic, as paper takes very less time to decompose. Start using paper or cloth bags for shopping. Avoid plastic packed food. And if you have plastic try to recycle plastic products. The plastic bottles and bags you bought, can be recycled. If not that, you can reuse them.

Environmental Awareness

Take care of our environment and try to plant a seed once in a week. Spread awareness among everyone and always throw garbage into their respective bins. And at last, if you want to keep yourself safe and protected, try to keep your surrounding clean and healthy.

Environmentally Friendly


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